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Lorinser appeals for humanitarian pause in Israeli/Hamas war

Official Statement: Bob Lorinser

Deeply concerned about the escalating violence in Israel and Gaza, I stand with many Americans urging for a humanitarian pause in the region.

The humanitarian pause should include the release of all Israeli civilian prisoners and hostages, continuing efforts to eradicate Hamas while protecting the innocent and protecting Israel's right to defend itself.

A pause offers an opportunity for diplomacy to take center stage, for dialogue to replace gunfire, and for peace talks to drown out the sounds of a devastating war.

This call for peace is a sincere plea to consider the innocent lives caught in the crossfire. However, it does not provide a comprehensive solution to the region's long-term problems, which has eluded the world for generations.

The conflict in Israel and Palestine is not a recent development. Its historical, political, and religious dynamics have spanned over a century. The tension stemming from disagreements over land rights and national identities has escalated into a volatile geopolitical standoff.

As we observe the escalating violence in Israel and Gaza from a distance, let us not forget our shared humanity. Let our empathy extend beyond borders as we collectively use our voices to advocate for peace rather than further escalation.

Innocent civilians caught in the crossfire deserve a chance at life, refuge, and peace.

# # #

Dr. Bob Lorinser is a former diplomat for the US State Department's Foreign Service, with experience in diplomatic roles in North Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.


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