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Gaza is destroyed. Enough is enough. — Bob Lorinser

The United States should support the elimination of Hamas, not Gaza.

The UN estimates that 85% of Gaza's 2.2 million people have been displaced, with over 20,000 deaths. Most of Gaza has been destroyed, resulting in a humanitarian crisis involving shelter, food, and medical care.

According to The Washington Post, members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing coalition have advocated for the use of a nuclear bomb on densely-populated Gaza, the complete destruction of the territory, and the impoverishment of its people, forcing them to abandon their homeland.

Recent statements by a Likud party parliamentarian and Israel's ambassador to Britain reinforce this sentiment.

This week alone, a parliamentarian from Netanyahu’s Likud party went on television and said it was clear to most Israelis that “all the Gazans need to be destroyed.”

Then, Israel’s ambassador in Britain told local radio there was no other solution for her country than to level “every school, every mosque, every second house” in Gaza to degrade Hamas’s military infrastructure.

While the US must support Israel's right to self-defense, the destruction of Palestine is not the solution. I join our brave diplomats expressing this opinion. The world is watching. 

Israel's current strategy will not ensure its desired safety or eliminate terrorist activity. Instead, it will inadvertently fuel the rise of more terrorists and terrorist organizations, as seen with the Taliban in Afghanistan and the emergence of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

As a former diplomat with experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries, I confidently align with anti-terrorist groups to propose tangible, long-lasting, and peaceful alternatives to violence.


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