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Four unlikely things you didn't know about Bob Lorinser

Before he was a diplomat and one of the most respected public health professionals in the state, Dr. Bob was fulfilling the mantra of "Work hard, play hard."

Let's throw it back this Thursday and get to know more about Bob Lorinser. Here are four things you may not have known about the Democrat running for Congress in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

  • He was an Eagle Scout.

  • He was his class president.

  • He once held a world record for treading water - 25 hours, 35 minutes.

  • He has five degrees and took an unprecedented 60 credits in two semesters.

Do you remember the good old days, when summer meant campfires, s'mores, and ghost stories? For our friend, Bob Lorinser, those days were more than just memories — they were a way of life.

As an Eagle Scout and a former camp counselor, Bob knows a thing or two about having fun in the great outdoors. But, his adventures didn't stop there. As his high school's class president, he was always up for a little "good trouble", standing up for his disadvantaged classmates.

And let's not forget that time he set a world record by treading water!

While warming up in his high school pool, he sparked a conversation with a classmate on the pool deck, and after an hour chatting, he asked his friend to run to the library to look up the world record for treading water. He committed there and then to beating it. Why? "To get out of swim practice," he joked in the local paper.

Bob treaded water for over 24 hours. Talk about determination and grit.

Later, in grad school, he also set a school record at for the most credits in one semester.

Bob Lorinser is ready to apply that work ethic as a US Representative.

Today, Bob is still just as passionate about making a big impact on the world. He's working hard to make our district a better place in his run for Congress. Join us in supporting Bob Lorinser and his effort to bring Democratic representation back to Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Let's show Bob that we not only support his candidacy, experience and qualifications — but his grit, determination, perseverance, and all the lives he's personally impacted throughout his career.


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