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Dr. Bob supports Build it Back Better without raising taxes on working families or adding to deficit

The Childcare Tax Credit will lower taxes for working families in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Paid family leave and universal childcare will help parents take care of their loved ones without job loss.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – One of the primary purposes of a Representative in Congress is to make the lives of those they serve better. Simple concept. I'm interested in the Congressional Budget Office's cost analysis of the Build it Back Better (BBB) Framework, and I support the plan because it will benefit working families in Northern Michigan and the UP.

I support the Framework's funding not by raising taxes on those making less than $400,000 and not adding to the deficit, but by increasing revenue by other means. If Congress is unable to find the revenue to support all of these programs, we must prioritize.

With the new Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and the Build it Back Better Framework, we can improve our economy, housing, education, health, and the environment.

Improve our economy, housing, and education

Jack Bergman's nay vote on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and his indication to not support the BBB Framework highlight

fundamental differences between my opponent and me. His votes jeopardize our ability to benefit from fixing our crumbling infrastructure. Without improvements, he's threatening our economic vitality and future. Without many programs in the BBB Framework, we won't be able to thrive.

Congress passed the infrastructure bill without Jack's vote.

  • Michigan stands to receive $7.3 billion in federal highway aid, $563 million for bridge replacement and repairs.

  • The state would receive a minimum of $100 million to help extend broadband Internet coverage, including across rural swaths of Michigan that currently lack it. This expansion benefits students, business owners, and families. In addition, Michiganders living in low-income households may be eligible for funds that will help them afford Internet access. For those considering moving to our communities, this is a must.

  • Passenger and freight rail – including Amtrak expansion – links the UP to the national grid and supports our economic growth.

  • Power and electricity grid improvements; Who can anyone argue against this?

  • Municipalities desperately need water and sewers updates, but a lack of funding has neglected these projects for years.

  • The bill package provides safe drinking water improvements: addressing PFAS, lead, and many others. Vital.

The recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan expands rural Internet access. "No child should be forced to use fast-food restaurants for wifi to do their homework."

The Build Back Better Framework is still in negotiations, but my opponent isn't a supporter.

  • It extends the tax credit for childless low-wage workers until we obtain a livable wage for full-time adult employees.

  • It implements affordable housing initiatives, including housing, rental, and homeowner assistance programs until the market resolves this crisis with local, state, and federal solutions.

  • The Framework expands access to affordable, high-quality education beyond high school, including community college, trade schools, and apprenticeships, followed by job placement and career services for the next generation of a skilled, dedicated, and well-paid workforce.

  • BBB provides small business assistance and development programs to support the creation of additional jobs for hard-working families of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

  • Most lauded on both sides of the aisle are paid family and medical leave, so citizens can care for loved ones and not be threatened with job loss or financial ruin when our families need us the most.

I support these programs. Jack does not.

Northern Michigan's and the Upper Peninsula's share of these two initiatives is substantial. It would fundamentally improve our livelihoods and our future. Jack disagrees.

Good-paying jobs, helping local businesses grow, and upgrading our aging and crumbling infrastructure – Really, how can anyone argue with that?

Promoting the future of our children

  • Build it Back Better provides universal and free preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds. Every $1 invested in high-quality early childhood care and education can yield $3-$7 over the long run.

  • The package expands child care, saving most working American families more than half of their spending.

  • It cuts taxes by extending the expanded Child Tax Credit.

I support; Jack Bergman doesn't.

Improvements to our individual and community health.

  • The package reduces medical insurance premiums.

  • It expands Medicare to cover hearing, dental and vision care.

  • It delivers affordable, high-quality care for older Americans and people with disabilities in their homes while supporting care workers.

  • The package requires the Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate maximum prices for certain brand-name drugs under Medicare.

  • I strongly support infrastructure and administration improvements of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

These are essential for all of us. Jack disagrees.

Protection of the environment

  • The infrastructure bill allocates $200 million and $300 million a year to environmental projects in and around the Great Lakes. This investment will preserve the wonderful place we live, work, and play.

  • As Native Americans across the district teach, today's decisions should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

Jack disagrees.

I'm interested in your opinion. Send your thoughts on the upcoming vote for the Build it Back Better Framework to

– Dr. Bob


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