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Doc gives Bergman ‘three Pinocchios’ for taking credit on projects he voted against

Congressionally directed spending (earmarks) allows federal lawmakers to demonstrate priorities at home and fight for constituents' interests.

My opponent promised our communities he would fight to get eight large projects done. Then, when it came time to pass all of them in the budget, he voted against it. Now, he's taking credit for them.

Unacceptable. That is worth a three Pinocchios rating.

Bergman voted against eight Northern Michigan / U.P. projects previously approved by the appropriation committee in the $1.5 trillion spending bill.

  • Northern Michigan University Rural Broadband Expansion (internet to rural households)

  • Septic sewer modernization of Tuscarora Township (critical infrastructure to keep communities safe)

  • Great lakers Recovery Rebuilding Hope Marquette (addiction care)

  • McLaren Northern Michigan Inpatient Behavioral Health (mental health care)

  • Northern Lights YMCA Escanaba (family well-being)

  • Village of Mackinaw Huron Ave Rejuvenation (boosting our rural communities)

  • Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation (enjoying our outdoors)

  • Emmet County Road Commission-Lake Shore Drive (improving our roads)

Jack Bergman voted against nearly $13 million for his First District.

Similar to the Soo Locks funding. Jack voted against 90% of the funding for the New Soo Lock but then took credit for it.

The House approved the spending bill 260 to 171, with 39 Republicans joining Democrats. The Congressman for Northern Michigan and the UP wasn't one of them, and then he praised the funding of several of those projects.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

No, thank you for partisan politics and dishonesty. I will keep the best interest of my District, State, and Nation above party and power and always communicate truth in good faith to my constituents.


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