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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Armed Forces makes our military stronger

Rep. Jack Bergman parrots the leaders of the Freedom Caucus and jeopardizes our military readiness

Our military reflects American values and should be the most diverse in the world. The US Armed Forces have been a beacon of diversity, equity, and inclusion since WWII, and any effort to maintain that and include more people will ensure continued strength and preparedness.

The final passage of our National Defense Authorization Act is in jeopardy, in part, because Rep. Jack Bergman supports the Freedom Caucus amendments regarding matters of race, sex, and gender.

The amendments include eliminating guaranteeing abortion access to service members regardless of where they are stationed and eliminating the Pentagon's offices of diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with all their personnel.

In his recent press release stating that our military leaders need to pivot away from social justice experiments and climate change to sustain our national defense and readiness, Bergman parrots the Freedom Caucus which referred to non-white Americans serving in the U.S. military as "colored people."

Wrong again, Bergman. Shameful.

Our military demands social justice and inclusion. Our military leaders believe climate change threatens National and World security. The women serving in the military demand women's reproductive rights.

Without DEI, healthcare, and climate initiatives, recruitment and retention rates will only decrease, and our readiness will decline more. The amendments Jack Bergman supports will make our military weaker.


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