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Bergman falsely represents his accomplishments in bid for Speaker - Lorinser

Fri. Oct. 20, 2023

Rep. Jack Bergman’s claims of being a uniter and problem-solver are simply not reflected in his actions or his record.

His support for the insurrection and denial of the election results and his proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare demonstrate that he is not genuinely interested in doing what is best for the country.

We need a Speaker who will prioritize the needs of all Americans, not just a select few.

Bergman's claims of being able to work with members of both parties are belied by his lack of a plan to address the nation's financial crisis. We need a Speaker who will take bold and decisive action to address our economic challenges.

Rep. Bergman's claim to have sponsored three bills that became law is misleading. In reality, only one of those bills had any substantive impact.

Bergman only authored one bill to name a Department of Veterans Affairs clinic in Indian River, Michigan. In seven years, he has sponsored three bills that became law, two of which were for naming VA clinics.

It is time for us to come together as a country and put aside our partisan differences. We need a Speaker who embodies the best of our democracy and who is willing to work tirelessly to improve the lives of all Americans. Jack Bergman is not that person.


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